General Dentistry

Routine and Restorative Dental Treatments

At the core of good oral health are the general dentistry services provided here at All Saints Green Dental Clinic based in Norwich.

Whilst we also offer a full range of cosmetic and specialist dentistry services, we understand that general treatments such as check-ups and fillings are key to you and your family’s day-to-day oral health.

As such, we offer a complete range of general dentistry treatments included but not limited to the following.


Regular check-ups

Whilst good oral care at home is essential, sometimes issues occur which you won’t spot. As such, it is important to visit our team every six months for a thorough inspection of your teeth, gums and general mouth health.

We don’t just look for problems with your teeth and gums; we also check all of the soft tissues of the mouth for signs of oral cancer and other diseases so rapid intervention can be made where necessary.


The most common treatment we provide is the regular tooth filling. Where decay happens, we need to remove it quickly and repair the tooth, being careful to maintain strength and aesthetics.

Whilst we can use traditional amalgam fillings, much more popular are cosmetic white fillings which can be made to match the natural shade of your teeth.

Root canal treatment


Sometimes the internal parts of a tooth can become infected. This is where the pulp and nerves are stored and the infection there can become very painful if not treated. In this case you will need a root canal procedure where we remove the infection, fill the tooth and cap it to preserve the strength and appearance.

Crowns and bridges

Dental Crown
Maryland Bridge
Dental Bridge

Sometimes a tooth can be damaged in such a way that a filling will not be suitable to repair it. In this case we can use a dental crown to fully repair the tooth and make sure it remains viable for everyday use.

A crown is a porcelain or ceramic cap which is placed over the prepared tooth. It is made in an external laboratory and matches the shape and shade of your existing teeth to ensure that it blends in properly with your smile.

When we lose a tooth, there are a few different options to replace it including implants, dentures and bridges. A bridge is a long-established method for replacing lost teeth whereby a false tooth is fixed to a bridge which fills the gap in our smile. The bridge is permanently supported by crowns fixed to the teeth adjacent to the gap.

These are the main general dentistry treatments we provide but there are other supporting techniques which we may also recommend and which your dentist will be pleased to discuss.

For general dentistry for all the family in Norwich, please call the team at All Saints Green Dental Clinic on 01603 623 936.

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