Teeth Whitening

For Brighter Whiter Smiles In Norwich

One of the most popular, accessible and affordable ways to a beautiful new smile is teeth whitening which we are pleased to offer here at All Saints Green Dental Clinic in the heart of Norwich.

How does teeth whitening work?

Some people’s teeth are darker than others for a range of different reasons. It could be that their teeth are naturally dark or that they have become dull and dark progressively from eating staining food and drinks. Smokers will also experience their teeth darkening over time and our teeth also become dull as we age.

Unfortunately most of these effects are irreversible unless we have teeth whitening treatment. This tried and trusted method uses a special bleaching agent which is applied to the teeth and works to lighten both the external and internal parts of the teeth. The result is a much whiter, brighter and confident smile!

At-home and In-surgery whitening options

Here at All Saints Green Dental Clinic in Norwich we offer two types of whitening service – at-home and in-surgery. Both are highly effective and you can choose whichever suits you best.

In-surgery whitening is very fast and effective, often no more than an hour. Here we invite you to the clinic and after assessing your suitability, apply a special whitening agent to your teeth. Your gums will be protected to prevent any irritation and we may use a special type of light to help accelerate the whitening process.

We also provide at-home whitening kits where you can carry out the process in the privacy of your own home but at a slower rate, typically over one to two weeks. We provide a bespoke set of whitening trays into which you add the whitening gel we provide. These trays are then worn as directed by your dentist and after a few days you will see your teeth start to whiten.

With both types of treatment you can choose the level of whiteness you would like to achieve. Some people like a bright white smile to rival TV celebrities, whereas others prefer a more subtle improvement – the choice is yours.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Whitening is not permanent but will last many months before you start seeing your smile start to dull again. You can prevent this by minimising the consumption of staining foods and drinks and by keeping your teeth nice and clean.

The good news is that whitening can be re-applied periodically to keep your smile topped up and confident!

If you are based in the Norwich area and looking for a fast an affordable way to a brand new, confident smile, please call All Saints Green Dental Clinic on 01603 623 936 to book your consultation.

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